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Real play
  • • The players, participating in the game, put bets before the start of the session.
  • • As soon as the chips are put on the table, the spinning of Wheel of Fortune begins.
  • • In the Wheel of Fortune, the ball spins in the opposite direction of the rotation.
  • • The gambler, who manages to determine correctly the stop of the ball, wins.
  • • When the ball stops, the winner is determined and the paying of the prizes occurs.
  • • The risk bets are paid out first.
  • • A reverse order is applied while gambling American Roulette.
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You’ve definitely wanted to try online roulette at least once until now. Even for a non-gambler, the idea behind this table game seems to be very attractive. Well, now you can do just that from the comfort of your house, without having to go to a casino or being seen in one. With the graphics and soundtrack, online Roulette has to offer you will definitely get the Vegas experience you’re looking for.

Additional Info
  • • It is possible to suppose that the rules for the Roulette played now were known in the history of the 16th century.
  • • It was Monte Carlo Casino where Roulette with its unique design was shown for the first time.
  • • In the variety of Roulette games available, the European version occupies the leading position.
  • • The Roulette known as No-Zero does not have Zero area on the wheel.
  • • Numerous Zero areas are present on the wheel in American Roulette.
  • • Oral bets are made in Roulette with track-main feature.

Online Roulette gameplay and rules

Nothing too complicated when it comes to online roulette and its rules. Like the land-based version of this table games, you have the wheel, the table and the dealer – which is not present in the online version. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t one you will be assisted vocally through the whole process of the game.

Before you go and spin the wheel you need to carefully choose your strategy as you have several bet options available. You can bet on:

  • • A number
  • • A colour
  • • Number intervals
  • • 0

If you’re not a gambler by default, you will find out that these simple rules are more than enough to get you started for free play roulette. After the bet is placed, the spinning begins and the ball will randomly land on one of the numbers, setting the difference between success and failure.

Online Roulette graphics and sounds

AS mentioned earlier, the layout of the online roulette game is an exact copy of the physical version, the only difference being the absence of the dealer. The design and graphics of the wheel and table are outstanding and it makes the whole experience to be amazing. The sound effects are the extension of really good graphics and complete the immersive experience free play roulette has to offer.

The free version of online roulette is exactly the same as when playing for real money and if that’s something that interests you, an online roulette bonus might also be available.

Final words on online roulette

Either if you play roulette online for fun or real money, one thing is certain. This casino table game will offer you a great experience without having to leave your home. It is basically identical to the physical version you will find at your local casino but it also has some advantages. The first thing that comes to mind is the possibility to play the roulette game for fun, without risking your money. After you feel confident enough, you can give it a shot with real money as well.

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