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  • • The variant of Poker we play know goes back to the 16th-century Europe, though its roots are much older.
  • • Poker has succeeded to become the most popular game on the planet.
  • • It is necessary to get the highest cards’ combination with the hand you are dealt in order to win the bet.
  • • As Poker is a rather psychological game, participants try to influence others quit the game.
  • • Participants have to be responsible for holding the cards for themselves.
  • • Numerous kinds of Poker are known: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7-Card Stud, 5-Card Draw, etc.
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Interested in playing some video poker for free? You’d better know right from the start that you're only able to enter that online casino that offers demo modes or a website like this one. You have the option of trying your luck without risking any money and it’s a good practice as well in case you intend to go gambling with real funds.

Additional Info
  • • The background of Video Poker is usually 5-card poker rules.
  • • The table with winning combinations and the information with payouts are presented on the screen.
  • • In the event a gamer wants to bet, 5 cards from the deck are given to him (standard one, 52 cards).
  • • At this moment the gamer has to decide which of the cards obtained to keep and which to ditch.
  • • Winning combinations coincide with the ones given in the table.
  • • When you have a rare combination, you can get a higher payout.

Video Poker gameplay and rules

Right from the start, you will notice that video poker games are played with 5 cards that first appear on the screen facing downward on the table. After you choose to deal, the 5 cards will turn and you’ll be able to see their values. After carefully judging your hand and what possible combinations can be done depending on what cards may follow, you have to choose which the cards you keep or hold. For doing that you just have to click the respective cards and a “Held” sign will appear underneath them.

After you choose the cards you want to keep, simply press “Deal” again and the cards you did not choose to hold will be replaced by other cards from the deck. If your strategy was correct and luck is by your side, the held cards along with the new ones should form a winning combination for video poker.

In case you’re a bit rusty with the rules, here are the possible combinations ordered from the highest paying one:

  • • Royal Flush;
  • • 4 of kind;
  • • Full;
  • • Flush;
  • • Straight;
  • • 3 of a Kind;
  • • 2 Pairs;
  • • 1 Pair;

Video Poker variations

Apart from the classical 5 card video poker games you also must know that there are some variations as well. The main game remains the same and the mechanics don’t change, however, the winning combinations can be different at times. A few very popular examples are Jacks or better or Multi-Hand Video Poker. As mentioned before, the royal flush remains the highest winning combination in poker but that’s something that takes a lot of luck and talent to achieve.

Final words regarding video poker

Poker is around for so many years that everybody has played at least once, either for fun or in a tour-nament with real prizes. It is such a popular place that it has become a favourite past-time activity for groups of young people that gather together to play a friendly tournament. So it’s no wonder that video poker and all its variations are really popular in online as well as offline casinos around the world. Some say that there’s nothing but luck involved, however, there are others who claim that poker is a very strategic game that you can actually control at one point. The truth lies in the middle, probably.

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