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Mahjong Online – Play With No Registration Or Download Required

Real play
  • • Mahjong possesses 144 tiles.
  • • It is possible to see the following images on the tiles: seasons, flowers, numbers.
  • • The player should match similar pairs of open tiles and clear them away.
  • • Gamblers do not see the tiles that are under the others.
  • • Each tile is seen 4 times.
  • • If no pairs are left, Free Mahjong finishes.
  • • If you click ‘Shuffle’, the round can be restarted.
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Nowadays modern games with flashy graphics and all kind of features are the most-played games. However, there are still some people that still know how to enjoy a good classic. That’s exactly the case with free mahjong, which Is a game for those who want to try their fortune while relaxing and seeking patterns. The internet is full of different versions of Mahjong like Maghjong Solitaire or other variations of the basic game. The most important part is that they follow the same principles and rules.

Additional Info
  • • 4 players can take part in the original version of Mahjong.
  • • Mahjong has also other names like electronic or computerized Mahjong, Shanghai Solitaire, Solitaire Mahjong.
  • • Mahjong was created by Brodie Lockard in 1981.
  • • Activision's release for Macintosh, Apple IIgs and the Amiga Computer helped the game get traction in 1986.
  • • Ancient version of Mahjong is hard to comprehend.

Rules and gameplay for Mahjong Online

Like any other game out there, it’s always a good idea to take a look at the rules before jumping into the action. Even if you feel like everything is plain and simple, you can encounter some rules that can become tricky if you don’t know about them. The standard Mahjong online game has 144 tiles displayed on the screen. In the offline version of the game, for rich Asian families, these tiles were made out of ivory.

Tiles have a different drawing on them and you will notice that there are 7 different groups:

  • • Tiles with circles
  • • Tiles with Chinese characters
  • • Bamboo tiles
  • • Wind Tile
  • • Flower tiles
  • • Dragon Tiles
  • • Season Tile

The standard Mahjong free game has to be structured in 4 different parts as well. You start with the preparation then you go to building a wall of tiles then breaking the wall and the last phase is the deal. The main objective is to collect as many tiles as possible by matching two identical symbols on them.

Scoring in free online Mahjong

To keep score in free Mahjong you must count the tiles that you have collected at the end of the game. Each set of tiles has a different value and by adding up all the tiles collected, you get your final score. There are certain games where you need to reach a certain score to win or others put you in competition with other players and the person with the highest free Mahjong score wins.

The best part about free Mahjong is that you can train yourself and relax at the same time. Since you don’t have to pay to play it, it’s a very good activity to reduce stress and get better at it at the same time.

Final words regarding free Mahjong

It’s entirely your choice which version of the game you play and if it’s for real money or just for fun. No matter how you play it, you will notice the huge difference between free Mahjong and any other type of casino games out there. In fact, you might be surprised that it is considered a casino game as it’s so pure and peaceful in aspect.

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