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Real play
  • • You will face no problems in finding Keno at online gaming institutions.
  • • This game has provoked great interest in players recently.
  • • The games of Keno and Lotto have much in common.
  • • It is considered that Keno developed during Han Dynasty of Ancient China.
  • • Online Keno and real life Keno boast to have the same rules.
  • • Offers you an awesome chance to get up to $100,000 a draw..
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Keno is not your typical casino game and it’s definitely not a very popular one like other table games. Even though it is very similar to bingo and lottery, it still has its own particularity that makes it one of the coolest games to try and win on.

Additional Info
  • • It is required to mark from 4 to 10 numbers between 1 and 80.
  • • Your task is only to mark the desired numbers on the Keno ticket and computer will automatically remember them.
  • • Numbers are names ‘spots’.
  • • In fact, when players mark more numbers on the ticket, he/she increases the chances of getting a win.
  • • The initial bet is 10 cents.
  • • If you see the numbers that you marked among the winning ones, you can hope to get a prize.
  • • Immediate presentation of the results is one of the benefits of this game.

How to play Free Keno

Online Keno is not a difficult game to play. If anything, it is one of the easier to try out and the simplest where you can win the considerate amount of cash. Regardless if you’re a new or an old player, keno games are the perfect choice to test your luck.

A great thing about keno casino game is that you can get back up to 80% of your betting money. What’s even greater is that online keno has one of the highest payouts.

Regardless if you try keno casino or online keno, the rules are quite simple: after the player chooses their bet size, they can mark numbers on a ticket which they think will be drawn and they have to wait and see what comes out. There’s a board which will highlight the numbers. So, of course, the more numbers you guessed the bigger the payout. Players can pick from 10 to 15 numbers, but there are some versions that accept up to 20 numbers.

Even though it’s mostly a game of fortune, online keno has some strategy that will help you win as many games as possible. A good deal is if you pick only between 7 and 11 numbers, instead of the maximum set of numbers. You can break them even and you will only need 3 matches. IF you collect 15 winning numbers, you will get the jackpot. The most common thing about playing keno games is hitting 4 spots, next to 3 ones. The maximum profit a player can make out of this game is 13%.

Another great advantage of keno online is that you can choose when to have the drawings. You can choose numbers. This way you can play at your own pace and you don’t have to worry as much about competition.

Conclusion on Free Keno Games

Keno is the type of casino game that will test your luck and will make you win really awesome prizes. Either if you choose a live or an online one, this game will definitely make you really rich!

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