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How to Win in Craps Online

Craps game is one of the best uk casino online games, the history of which dates back to the Middle Ages. Today, craps is still very popular, a huge contribution to which was made by cinematography, in particular the famous James Bond films. Many players are trying to find their casino craps games strategy that suits their style of play, while ensuring a high chance of winning. So, a few tips that will help you get a small, but still advantage on other players at the table.

You can roll 11 in craps with a pair of dice, but some combinations are easier to obtain.

Tips 1
Pass and Come Odds: when to use them

Bet as little as possible on the ‘don’t pass’ or ‘don’t come’ and wager the most, because the house edge here is only paid out 1:1 when you win. However, your advantage in online craps here is on the free odds bets, as they are paid out at the real math odds. And these are the only bets without the house advantage in craps online. But you need to bet in the correct increase. For instance, on 6 and 8 the ratio is at 6:5 (we mean that if you put $5, you receive $6), so bet in increase of $5; on 5 and 9 free odds the ratio is 3:2, therefore bet in increase of $2; on 4 and 10- you get 2:1 and you can bet as you wish.

Tip 2
How to Win in Craps Online

Place 6 or 8: You should place 6 or 8 place-to-win bet in casino craps while gambling in multiples of $6. In this case the house edge is just 1.52% and you can get $7 if the number plays.


Place 6 or 8 to lose: Place $5 and tell ‘6(or 8) to lose’ in casino games craps. In case there is 7, you get $4, because the edge here is 1.82%.

Tip 4

Lay against 4 or 10: This strategy of casino craps game resembles the previous one, but here the payouts are larger, because you can roll 7 in six ways, and 4 or 10 in three ways, on the contrary to 6 or 8, which can be obtained in five ways.

Tip 5

Place 5 or 9 to lose You bet $8 in craps at casino and say that the higher number will lose. Do not forget the bet should be in increase of $2, because the odds are 3:2, i.e, every $ gives you $3. In this bet, the edge is low and comprises only 2.5%, so you can win $5.

These are our 5 easy to use tips that will help you master casino craps online and bring some profit to your wallet.

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