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How to Play and Gain Incredible Returns in Craps Casino Game

Craps has a low house edge with great playing strategies and tips. There are different types of bets. Understanding the game and knowing how to shoot a dice the right way will make you win. Also, knowing how to make and settle bets and knowing which bets to make and which ones to avoid will make you a Craps expert.

How to play and win in Craps game

a) Craps game

Gain Incredible Returns in Craps Casino Game

Online Craps playing can be as simple as betting on a single number. A player can lose or win on every roll. Craps playing can also be as complex as betting and waiting for a shooter to roll a target or point number, then hope that the shooter rolls that number again. This process can continue for many rolls.

b) Playing rules

Craps game is played using 2 6-sided deuce and there are many strategy bets available. Players can bet against or with the shooter on bets settled on a single roll or several rolls. Players can also select their own numbers or have a dice roll determine the number that makes them win on the rolls that follow. Players should bear in mind that all Craps game bets are not equal. Some are good and some are bad.

All Craps bets except the lay odds or the free odds have an house edge and nothing can be done to counter the math.

Few dice controllers can be able to lower the 7s frequency and up the point numbers frequency high enough to altere the Craps game odds in their favour.

But controlling a dice is a physical skill which requires a lot of practice. Even the experienced controllers say that the skill deserts them as physical conditions change.

c) Choosing a dice

Many players want to shoot whenever they find a chance. Shooting makes players feel that they are incharge of the game.

Winning and losing in Craps is determined by a player’s rolls. When a player is on a roll that is making money for almost all players, he is a hero and all his moves are cheered.

There is no good feeling for players. Once the dice becomes cold and a player loses, there is no more playing. It is now a time for a new shooter to try his luck.


This Craps casino game playing strategies and tip help to eliminate any confusion regarding the game. With these, players can start off right in this highly fun and most player-friendly casino game.

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