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How to Master your Game in Craps

The game of Craps contains the largest percentage of randomness, but it’s pointless to rely only on random. As with any gambling, here there is a set of rules, strategies that help to win in Craps. To achieve 100% probability of winning is impossible with any of the existing strategies. Player’s luck is, first of all, his experience, based mostly on losses, plus the right strategy. It is important to remember that there is no connection between the result of the previous throw and the future. The percentage of chance is higher than in any other games. If in roulette the odds in binary bets like red/black or odd/even are 1:1, in Craps game the similar binary bet Pass Line/Don’t Pass Line has the odds of 244:251. Casino’s favour is evident as the house edge here is 1.41%. And in some more complex bets like the Snake Eye and the Boxcar can even reach 13.89%.

Nevertheless, there are some tips, using which you can help the Fortune to tip the scale in your favour.

How to Succeed Playing Craps

It is impossible to influence the dice throw in casino Craps game, but everything depends on your patience, consistency, knowledge of the game and discipline. If you are a lucky owner of all these characteristics, you have more chances to succeed in a game. So do not neglect the necessity of doing your homework and study all the nuances of the game beforehand. And here are the tips that can also help you.

Tip 1. Get Some Practice

Gain Incredible Returns in Craps Casino Game

Have you heard the saying “Practice makes perfection”? This is especially true in relation to casino games Craps. You not only need to know all the rules of the game, but you should have enough experience in applying these rules in practice.

Craps is characterized as a very fast game and a newcomer will have difficulties to follow the gameplay, to remember the types of bet and existing odds and even the language used in the game. Do not forget about the adrenalin rush present when you play craps online.

To insure yourself against all these difficulties, you are to get enough practice. You can do this in two possible ways. Either to buy a set of the game or play free Craps in some online casino without risking your funds. Here you can try various strategies and bets to find the most effective for yourself. Keep track of the time and money spent to use this information while playing for money.

Tip 2. Don’t Use High Bet Units

The size of your bet greatly depends on you general bankroll. But keep in mind that even if you have enough money, do not use great bet units. Craps is such a game that you can lose everything very quickly.

It is advisable to start betting with the smallest unit or the table’s minimum. An ideal bet for a beginner is 1% of your bankroll. Only when you are on profit you can start increasing your bet unit slightly. And remember if you have lost, do not try to offset the losses with higher stake.

Some players like to use the famous Martingale betting system, which means you need to double the bet in case of a loss and decrease the bet after a win. However, this system is not very suitable for Craps. After a long losing streak you won’t win a lot, considering the sums you would have lost.

Tip 3. Mind the House Edge

We have already told about the house edge in the beginning. The player should be very careful with choosing bets as some of them have a very unfavourable house edge. For instance, the bets Any Craps and other Proposition bets have the payouts of 8 for 1 and this means that if you win $1, you will pay $7 for this. This is because the house edge of this bet is 11.11%. The same deals Any Seven and Hop bets where the house edge is 16.67%.

The most favourable in this term are Come/Don’t Come bets and taking or laying double odds, as here the house edge is 1.41% and 1.40% respectively. One of the best bets is Pass Line/Don’t Pass.

Experts also recommend using the 3%Rule, which means not to put such Craps online bets where the house edge is more than 3%.

Tip 4. Proper Time Management

Some players are very unwilling to leave the table and it does not matter whether they are losing or winning. However, it is vital to set a time limit for yourself, as we have already told that Craps is a game of chance. Therefore, it is very easy to lose everything you won in a couple of minutes.

If you belong to such a group of players, you should set the time limit. In case it is difficult for you to keep to it, start by having some breaks, going out or doing something else. In this way you will cut your losses short in case the luck leaves you and secure your profit.

Tip 5. Benefit from Bonuses and Comp Points

Playing online Craps, you can take the benefit of bonuses provided by the casinos in order to attract new customers. Usually, casinos offer a registration 100% match bonus, so if you deposit $100, you will get additional $100 to play Craps. This is an ideal way to play without risking your money.

The casinos also have some Loyalty programs to reward their customers. You can earn the loyalty points for real money wagers. These comp points can be converted into chips which you can use for playing Craps.

Bonuses and Comp points provide with a good chance to get more practice and develop some strategy. But do not forget that usually there are some wagering requirements for bonuses

Tip 6. Forget about Gambler’s Fallacy

It was told already that it is impossible to influence the dice throw or to predict how the dice roll based on the previous throw. Some players mistakenly believe in the Gambler’s Fallacy – the preceded throw influences the next one. So they make wrong bets and lose.

You should always remember that Craps is a pure chance where no combinations are possible to predict.

Tip 7. Divide the Money Won

If you are lucky enough to win, then divide your money into two parts and set aside one of it. This will protect you from losing everything in case of failure and you will still get some profit from your play. For instance, if you have a bankroll of $50 and managed to double it, put aside half of it and bet on the second half. In case you lose it, you will still have $50 to walk away satisfied and in a good mood.

Tip 8. Do not Drink Alcohol

Alcohol is not the best adviser when you are in Craps casino whether it is a land-based one or an online portal. It can stimulate you to rush decisions, which you will regret about.

It is evident that Craps is not such an easy game, as it may seem at first glance. However, if you consider our tips, you can improve your chances of a good outcome.

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