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How to Get Started with Craps Online – Rules Players Must Know

Craps is one of those casino dice games that truly get you from the moment you throw your first pair of dice. The only thing you need to do in this game is bet on various dice combinations and throw the dice to see if there is a match. However, there are some essential aspects bets-related that every player needs to know. Although these may seem complicated and difficult to learn at first, once you understand the casino craps rules, you’ll have more fun playing the game.

Introduction to the craps table

How to Get Started with Craps Online

There are 1-3 dealers around the table, as well as 1-8 players. The pair of dice is passed around the table clockwise so that each player has their chance to throw the dice. So far, nothing complicated about the Craps game.

Think fast if you want to win big

What makes this online craps game so exciting is its speed. The only way to win big is to think fast and make the right decisions. The main focus in both craps online and offline is put on the betting system. That’s why experts recommend those who want to play craps online to read the rules of the game carefully.

  • Pass line bet – when you choose to bet on the shooter. If you get 7 or 11, you win; if you get “craps”, which means 2,3 or 12, you lose. If you get another number, also called “point”, such as 5 for instance, your Pass line bet will win.
  • Don’t pass line bet – when you choose to be against the shooter, not to bet on craps casino. This time, you win if you get 2,3 or 12.

Of course, there are other more complex betting options available, but these ones are the most popular and the ones every beginner player must know about. In order to get familiar with the game, it’s best you start playing free craps at first, to learn the rules and only after you’ve become more comfortable with it you take everything to a more professional level.

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