The Trespassing: Gambling Of South Korea


Gambling in South Korea, including any casino forms, is prohibited. A various severity of the punishment is envisaged for gamblers, including prison. But as they say, there are still plenty of nuances and some of the loopholes that still allow at least to some extent run a kind of gambling business, satisfying the craving of the people to the quick and easy money. The only legal form of gambling is the local lottery Toto; the tickets are sold by a licensed operator of the state.

In addition, there are about two dozen of active casinos here, but given the ban, it may be a logical question: for whom are these places created? The answer is simple – for the foreigners. Almost all the casinos are located at major hotels. At the entrance to the casino you will be politely asked to verify your identity, and the Korean passport will not be your ticket in. If the institution will let a Korean citizen inside, it is at least risking to get coarsely fined.

The Klondike – Casino Land

Yet the Korean government made ​​an indulgence for its compatriots. There is a single Mecca for the locals, located in a posh hotel Casino Land. However, the indulgence is not that satisfying to the full extent in order not to make the Koreans too carried away with the tempting games of chance. Kangwon Land is located in the sparsely populated mountainous area in the town Kohap. Getting here from Seoul by car takes at least three hours (five hours on the train alternatively). Only the 19 years old citizens are allowed here, while the residents of the surrounding towns and villages are allowed to visit a casino only once a month. The procedure is toughly controlled: when buying a ticket to enter the game room, verifying ID with the location indicated is obligatory. Nevertheless, as far as is known, the management of the casino is never complaining about the loss.

At the same time every effort is made to bring down the casino’s trail of depravity. The emphasis is placed on the fact that one can spend time there with family: a large entertainment center, boutiques, golf, quick and easy booking – the marketing is grinding away to make the most of the exclusive opportunity. In addition, outside the hotel functions a chic ski resort.

Eradicating the roots

For a long time in South Korea operated slot machines, which theoretically did not violate the law, as instead of a money prize, a special gift coupon was granted. But not far away, as a rule, these discount coupons could be exchanged for cash. The country’s authorities have looked at this practice through their fingers, but in the end, the ban was introduced. Fairly regularly in the local media circulating the reports that police have uncovered an underground casino or gambling house in this or that area. All in all, the taboo attitude works so far: according to online casino nederlandsegokken, gambling statistics and review website, Koreans are rare online gambling players, having one of the lowest traffic scores.

In general, Korea is rigid in terms of gambling activities. It is officially prohibited to play at home or place bets via the internet casino. In theory, it is forbidden to gamble during your stay in other countries. However, as far as is known, visiting a casino abroad is not something followed by a punishment.